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Dos Locos wordmark with a female showing peace signs

Unleash the Madness

Dos Locos Tequila is a dynamic brand, redefining the tequila experience with bold flavours and an adventurous spirit. Celebrating authenticity and innovation, Dos Locos invites enthusiasts to embrace life's adventures with every pour.

Dos Locos lime margarita and tequila sunrise cans

The can redesign for Dos Locos is a bold statement of the brand’s playful and adventurous spirit. The illustration of the “two crazies” not only serves as a captivating focal point but also encapsulates the brands story and ethos, inviting consumers to join in the fun-filled journey of Dos Locos. The vibrant colours and dynamic composition further reinforce the brand’s energetic personality, while subtle design elements nod to the premium quality and craftsmanship of the product within. From beach parties to rooftop celebrations, the Dos Locos can redesign promised to stand out in any setting, serving as a beacon for those who dare to embrace the craziness of life.

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Expanding on the can design, the Dos Locos brand guideline provides a comprehensive framework for bringing the brand to life across all touchpoint. From tone of voice to typography, every element is carefully curated to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience that resonates with consumers. The brand’s tone of voice is bold and playful, mirroring the spirited nature of Dos Locos itself, while the messaging emphasizes the celebration of life’s adventures and the importance of shared experiences. With taglines like “Unleash the Madness”, “Ignite the Chaos”, and “Fuel the Anarchy”, Dos Locos invites consumers to embrace the wild side of life and revel in the spontaneity of the moment. The imagery selected for the brand is fun, playful, and spontaneous, capturing the energy and excitement of the Dos Locos lifestyle. Whether it’s am impromptu beach bonfire or a lively rooftop fiesta, Dos Locos imagery transports consumers to moments of pure joy and exhilaration, where anything is possible and every experience is an adventure waiting to unfold. Through social media, Dos Locos invites consumers to become part of its vibrant community, engaging with them in meaningful ways and fostering connections that go beyond the bottle. With its dynamic colour palettes and cheeky expressions, Dos Locos stands out as a brand that not only embraces the craziness of life but revels in it, inviting everyone to raise and glass and join the party.

Dos Locos rebranding incorporates distinct colour palette for each flavour, reflecting their unique profiles while maintaining a unified brand identity. The primary colour palette, featuring Mantis, Pine Forest, and Deep Fire, not only represents the classic tequila lime margarita flavour but also serves as the brand’s foundational colours. The underlining earthy tones evoke the authenticity of traditional tequila, anchoring Dos Locos’ identity across all variants.

The bold and fiery second colour palette, Sunshade, Flame, and Jasper ignite the senses, capturing the intensity of the orange tequila sunrise flavour profile and creating a memorable visual impact. Meanwhile, the third colour palette embraces a refreshing twist of the spicy strawberry margarita with Flamingo, Auburn, and Apple, evoking the carefree spirit of summer and sweet indulgence. Each palette complements its respective flavour, ensuring that Dos Locos’ packaging not only entices consumers but only effects the exhilarating taste experience within.


Pantone P 148-13 C

HEX: 69B36E

RGB: 106 179 111

CMYK: 57 0 71 9

Pine Forest

Pantone P 141-16 C

HEX: 00582A

RGB: 0 88 42

CMYK: 100 0 94 60

Deep Fir

Pantone 3435 C

HEX: 14331C

RGB: 20 52 28

CMYK: 82 50 87 65


Pantone P 24-6 C


RGB: 249 158 75

CMYK: 0 45 79 0


Pantone P 37-15 C

HEX: D8693C

RGB: 217 105 60

CMYK: 11 71 85 1


Pantone P 46-7 C


RGB: 202 76 54

CMYK: 15 84 87 4


Pantone P 55-6 C

HEX: F1615A

RGB: 241 97 90

CMYK: 0 77 62 0


Pantone P 54-7 C 


RGB: 171 50 44

CMYK: 23 93 91 15


Pantone P 56-15 C

HEX: 872B29

RGB: 136 43 41

CMYK: 29 91 84 32





Dos Locos’ rebranding employs a trio of carefully curated typefaces to convey its bold and adventurous spirit consistently. The main wordmark features Gogga Files, serving as the brand’s signature with its distinctive and commanding presence. Complementing this is Mothwing, chosen for its modern yet rugged look, adding spontaneity to written copy and reinforcing the brand’s vibrant personality. Rubik rounds out the trio, ensuring web accessibility and a clean, contemporary aesthetic across digital platforms. Together, these typefaces unify Dos Locos’ brand communications, inviting consumers to unleash the madness and join the party.

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