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Mental Health School Supplies with sunshine illustration underneath

Mental health tools for every backpack

Crafted by Hershey, the Mental Health School Supplies initiative is a premier resource for students, fostering well-being and growth.

The Mental Health School Supplies initiative project is designed to tackle the pressing issue of mental health awareness and support among students within educational settings. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of addressing mental health concerns among young people, and schools play a crucial role in shaping their well-being. By providing specialized school supplies centred around mental health, this project aims to create a supportive environment where students can prioritize their mental wellness and develop health coping mechanisms.

Pages from the Self Care Student Planner

The project is designed to promote self-care and wellness among students, By including tools such as a self-care planner, a guide for helping others who are struggling, awareness/activity/conversation starter cards, notepads, and pens, the project equips students with resources to proactively manage their mental health. Cultivating self-care practices early can lead to lifelong habits that foster emotional resilience and stability.

Small illustrations were also carefully crafted to complement the design ethos of the project. These one-line drawings feature whimsical faces with elements such as sunshine (which adds to the design as a pattern), rain clouds, and drained energy bars emerging from the top. Designed to evoke a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity, these doodle-like illustrations add a playful touch to the materials. By incorporating elements that resonate with the spontaneity of doodling, the illustrations aim to create a relatable and engaging experience for students, encouraging exploration and sparking conversation about mental health in a lighthearted manner.

Tote bag, Shirt, and Pouch for the Mental Health School Supplies

The colour palette chosen for the Mental Health School Supplies was not only based on psychological associations but also on creating a visual experience that contrasts with the current brand’s harsh red and white palette. Nordic instills a send of balance and harmony, while Hammam Blue and Subtle Breeze promote tranquility and mental clarity. Mindaro adds warmth and positivity, inspiring optimism and creativity while providing proper contrast. Plum, used as an accent, symbolizes wisdom and introspection. By steering away from the start contrast of the current brand, these colours aim to provide students with a gentler, more calming experiences that fosters emotional well-being and promotes engagement with the materials


HEX: 1A3939

RGB: 26 57 57

CMYK: 85 58 62 54

Hammam Blue


RGB: 106 216 216

CMYK: 51 0 20 0

Subtle Breeze


RGB: 182 219 216

CMYK: 28 2 15 0


HEX: D7E676

RGB: 215 230 118

CMYK: 19 0 67 0


HEX: A23481

RGB: 162 52 129

CMYK: 40 94 15 1




Work Sans

The typography choices were driven by a combination of readability, accessibility, and visual appeal. Gopher, despite being a sans-serif typeface, exudes personality with its playful and distinctive design. Its rounded forms and friendly appearance add a touch of whimsy to the materials, inviting students to engage with the content. This playful quality of Gopher complements the project’s goals of creative a supportive and inclusive environment where students feel comfortable exploring and learning about mental health. Paired with Work Sans, which offers a modern and streamlined aesthetic, the combination of these typefaces strikes a balance between playfulness and readability, ensuring that the design remains both visually appealing and accessible to all students.

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