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Punctured celebrates individuality through art

Illustrated flash tattoo sheet for Punctured

Punctured Tattoo Shop is a premier destination in Winnipeg, offering exceptional tattoo and piercing experiences with a focus on creativity, precision, and client satisfaction.

Recovery Cream (Lotion) bottle and package

The purpose of this assignment was to create a cohesive and comprehensive solution that addresses the holistic needs of individuals getting tattoos, starting from the initial procedure to the post-care maintenance. Recognizing the critical importance of proper aftercare in the tattooing process, the decision was made to first develop a specialized tattoo aftercare kit. This kit was carefully designed to provide clients with everything they need to ensure the optimal healing and preservation of their tattoos. By prioritizing the development of the aftercare kit, the aim was to establish a strong foundation centred on the well-being and satisfaction of clients, setting the stage for a successful and reputable tattoo shop.

Building upon the branding and design elements of the tattoo aftercare kit, the subsequent step was to extend this cohesive identity to the tattoo shop itself. This approach ensured consistency and alignment between two components, reinforcing the brand identity and values across all touchpoint of the client experience. By integrating the branding elements of the aftercare kit into the physical space and visual identity of the shop, the goal was to create a seamless and immersive brand experience for the clients. This strategic approach not only fosters brand recognition and loyalty but also communicates a send of professionalism, trustworthiness, and quality associated with the tattoo shop.

Black Sweatshirt with a yellow panther head on the back, 'P' on the chest, and 'Punctured' Down the left arm

Celebrating the transformative nature of tattooing, Chaos black embodies the edgy creativity and courage it takes to embark on a tattoo journey. Marigold adds vibrancy and joy, reflecting the passion and enthusiasm the artists infuse into their work, while Ivory signifies precision and quality, emphasizing the commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. Hunter green brings a sense of connection to nature and growth, symbolizing the journey of self-discovery that accompanies tattooing. Together these colours create a dynamic brand palette that captures the essence of Punctured Tattoo Shop—bold, vibrant, and deeply meaningful.

Chaos Black


RGB: 15 15 15

CMYK: 74 67 66 84



RGB: 238 167 23

CMYK: 6 37 100 0



RGB: 227 225 210

CMYK: 10 7 17 0

Hunter Green

HEX: 29301E

RGB: 41 48 30

CMYK: 70 56 80 67


Bebas Neue





Punctured’s brand identity was carefully crafted through the selection of typefaces that resonate with the values and aesthetic, enhancing the overall visual impact of the brand. Bebas Neue, with its bold and modern appearance, embodies the edgy and transformative nature of tattooing, lending confidence and impact to the headlines, artist names, and promotional materials. Georgia, on the other hand, brings a timeless elegance with its classic serif design, ensuring clarity and readability in body text and supporting content. Finally, Amador, customized for the word mark and logo, captures the unique personality of Punctured, reflecting the commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail while making a memorable impression with its bold and distinctive appearance. Together, these typefaces create a cohesive and versatile brand identity that expresses the bold creativity, precision, and timeless elegance of the studio.

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